“Ninna Marni”

Welcome to Conyngham Street Community Children’s Centre.

We acknowledge that we work and play on Kaurna land.

This is what we believe about children, families, educators and belonging, being and becoming.




To ensure children, families and educators belong, we:

  • Provide a welcoming environment, where everyone is respected, included and valued
  • Provide a safe, secure environment, with familiar educators and predictable routines
  • Create an environment that is warm and an extension of the family home
  • Work in partnership with families and community
  • Develop positive relationships and special bonds, make friends, and enjoy each others company
  • Connect with our natural environment
  • Encourage participation in the curriculum and management of the Centre



To ensure children are allowed to enjoy just ‘being’, we:

  • Learn through play, through doing and being active
  • Learn in ways that are messy, dirty, busy, risky and exciting
  • Create a curriculum based on children’s strengths and interests, in collaboration with children and families
  • Engage in real work, using real tools, and make real products
  • Provide environments that encourage creativity, imagination and curiosity, allowing children to be explorers and discoverers
  • Recognise that learning is a social experience, and encourage interaction, collaboration and teamwork
  • Communicate our feelings, ideas and experiences through language and the arts
  • Celebrate who we are; as individuals, families and a community



To ensure children ‘become’ all that can be, we:

  • View the world as one of infinite possibilities
  • Encourage a love of learning, by experiencing both successes and failures
  • Ask questions, explore and discover, take risks and try new things
  • Encourage persistence in the face of problems and difficulties, and work towards achieving our goals
  • Encourage independence and wellbeing, through the promotion of self-help skills, choices and decision making, and responsibility for own actions
  • Respect, care for and value others, just as we value ourselves
  • Consider ourselves global citizens who value our differences and common humanity
  • Care for our environment, by creating sustainable practices for our future