Conyngham Street Community Children’s Centre is a Not-for-Profit Centre, run by a Governing Committee.

Conyngham Street Community Children’s Centre is incorporated under the Association Incorporation Act 1985, thus its activities are bound by a constitution. Parents of the children attending the centre form the membership of the association.

The Governance Committee has overall legal, financial and managerial responsibility for the Centre. The Governing Committee is the employer of all staff, including the Director.

The Chairperson of the Committee is the Licensee of the Centre. Responsibility for the day-to-day management, provision of service, and administration is delegated to the Director by the Governing Committee.

Committee meetings are held once a month after hours and sub-committees meet in between as required. Minutes of all Governing meetings are available for our families to read.

Membership of the Committee

Committee members comprise of elected parents, Director and staff a representative. Parent members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and the staff representative is elected by the staff. Members are on the committee for a two year term.

2017 Governing Committee Members are:

  • Chairperson: Matthew Winterford
  • Secretary: Greta Lake
  • Treasurer: Anthony Antonas
  • Tessa Carey (Director)
  • Anna Lacey
  • Vanessa Schuurman
  • Danni Cameron (Staff Rep)

Sub Committees

The Centre also has a number of Sub Committees (parents do not have to be on the Management Committee to be a member of a Sub-Committee). This includes: Building and Grounds Maintenance, Communities, Strategic Planning, Staffing/Policy.