“Children develop trust in themselves and those who care for them.”

Our Infant Room provides high quality care and education for children aged 6 weeks to 2 years and we have a preferred staff to child ratio of 1:4.

The Infant Playroom is large and versatile, with three adjoining sleep rooms, an enclosed kitchenette that is inaccessible to children, and access to a large nappy changing and toddler toileting room.
The Infant Room shares its outdoor area with the toddlers, supporting children to form relationships with the toddler staff and other children before they begin the move to that room. The large, grassy, outdoor play area has an undercover sandpit and deck, and lots of trees. Sun safe practices are used at all times.

Having a child centered approach, staff aim to work in close partnership with families to maintain individual child routines, such as sleep and bottle times. Staff record and display all information relating to sleep, feeding, and toileting for parents so they can be accurately informed of their child’s routine for the day.

Like all the staff at Conyngham Street Community Children’s Centre, our Infant Room staff aim to foster development by creating a safe and warm environment that nurtures trust, confidence, and a sense of belonging. Staff see children as competent individuals, showing respect towards their individual thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and support them to develop their emerging independence and autonomy.

Infant Room Staff:

  • Karin (Room Leader)
  • Lauren
  • Rhonda
  • Danni
  • Boyoung
  • Naomi